Morning Linkage (Mar 29)


Awesome. Okay, it’s Photoshop. I don’t care.

BTW the orig­i­nal bike pics are shiny too. (Ouch — need shades.)

Living here out­side of Seattle, the biggest user of mem­o­ry space in my brain is pot­hole loca­tions. I don’t real­ly dri­ve like a stoned mon­key. I just look like it as I avoid the mul­ti­tude of rim bend­ing chuck­holes.  A clever Italian solu­tion that frees up brain space and let’s strangers in on the wonky dri­ving fun.

What hap­pens when you let an air­plane mechan­ic build a Moto-Guzzi cafe rac­er? Magic.



Psychopaths are … heavy users of dopamine? Maybe it’s not the lack of inhi­bi­tions or lack of fear of the con­se­quences of buck­ing social norms that prompts their actions, but dif­fer­ences in their reward seek­ing behav­ior. Interesting set of insights.

Very pret­ty sun­set image look­ing away from the sun. The bright star is Mars.



From the web­site of the British char­i­ty Shelterbox. The con­tents of a sim­ple plas­tic tote box that can pro­vide mid-term shel­ter for up to 10 peo­ple in the after­math of a nat­ur­al or civ­il dis­as­ter. Nicely executed.


Art, Images, and Design

A lit­tle some­thing from my pas­sion — jew­el­ry. Rings with hous­es, or maybe hous­es with rings. Some com­plete with swim­ming pools or court­yards. Phillipe Tournaire.

More hous­es, but not in pre­cious met­al. This piece is from the senior the­sis exhi­bi­tion of the Kyoto University of Art and Design.



Another entry from the Oscar short-list for short ani­ma­tion. “Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty,” Oh my, I may nev­er sleep again. Dark, cack­ling, and well grimm. Disney will nev­er recover.

go get ’em my dears.