Morning Linkage (Sep 3)


A double-up. Axel Budde builds Moto Guzzi cafe bikes.
Scraper bikes. A cus­tom bicy­cle cul­ture in LA. Top notch video work too.
Okay — that thing I said the oth­er day? About chrome being evil? I’d like to make an excep­tion. A _single_ excep­tion. Using the dirt-simplest jet engine ever, the pulse jet, Robert Maddox makes chrome look good, sound good, and go good.


Pictures from space tell us so much about our plan­et. The fun­ny thing is that in order to pro­vide quan­tifi­able col­or images of the ocean — a satel­lite has to turn around and look at the moon once in a while.  This com­pli­cates things a bit.
1700 CE to 2000 CE, 300 years that sub­stan­tial­ly remade the sur­face of the earth. These maps and graphs from ecol­o­gists Erle Ellis and Navin Ramankutty at the University of Maryland illus­trate the changes in the type and size of human habi­tats.

Art, Images, and Design

Purveyors of fine garage sale col­lectibles, Dinosaurs and Robots, intro­duces the Grid and the Wave and points you toward my new favorite geek­ing site. PACIN, the Packing, Art han­dling, and Crating Information Network. (BTW I’m pret­ty darn  sure that col­lectibles is *not* a word even if I did just use it, m’kay?)
You don’t have to watch all 7 and a half min­utes of the video but you’ll enjoy watch­ing Mear One paint a sev­er­al of the items for the Sketches of Babylon series. Full gallery of the paint­ings here.
Arnold Bocklin. A sin­gle sum­mer image. Such dark green in the trees beside this river.


Some days you just can’t get it right. Dad takes Jr and Sis to the play­ground. Mom comes along a bit lat­er. Simple line ani­ma­tion by Birdbox Studio.