Morning Linkage (Sep 2)


From the cute to the creepy, with whis­tle stops at it-goes-faster-when-you-paint-it-like-this and dude-you-were-so-high. Scooter paint.

SFW, but pure sexy nonethe­less. Just put it on the screen. Everything will be okay. More views of the Holden Efijy if you pre­fer some­thing less fer­al. There are some rather lush inte­ri­or shots.

From the cat­e­go­ry of: British TV we’ve nev­er seen. Heartbeat, is a soapy look­ing 60’s nos­tal­gia show. The bike rid­den by local police­man is a Francis Barnett Cruiser. Nah, I’d nev­er heard of it either. It’s pret­ty cool.


I love marsh­mal­lows. I love caf­feine. I prob­a­bly should not have any of these.

I want my lunch to be this cool. And cute. And clever.

Art, Images, and Design

This turquoise wall with its met­al trac­ery is part of Kunsthofpassage in Dresden — it’s been called a Rube Goldberg and some­thing from Dr. Seuss’s days as a plumber. An amaz­ing series of gut­ters and down­spouts. Video of gut­ters and down­spouts in Kunsthofpassage in the rain. (German narration.)

Laurie Lipton’s extra­or­di­nary machines take the claus­tro­pho­bia induced by mul­ti­ply­ing wid­gets, gad­gets, and their assort­ed wiring and brings them to a whole new lev­el of men­ace. Graphite on paper at one of L.A.‘s coolest gal­leries. The Illusion of Control Tower. The full set from her exhib­it at La Luz de Jesus. Click on each item for a good look.


Sweet 1950’s junior-high sci­ence class style ani­ma­tion. Graboids. AKA Landsharks. Aversion to rain makes them rare in here in puge­topo­lis. (5:00)

alrighty then, off you go and don’t for­get your lunch boxes.