Morning Linkage (Apr 6)


Very pret­ty Norton Commando on a new bike pic blog.

I’m not much of  a fan of the chop­per mod­’ed Triumph. But this one is enough to make me recon­sid­er my cafe rac­er prejudices.

Girl in white (leathers?) on a fan­cy bike. The hair orna­ment is fab. Looks like a parade should be form­ing up any minute.



Mites and a pseudo-scorpion and oth­er crit­ters that hitch rides on insects and bugs. Big fleas have lit­tle fleas…

The pret­ty ver­sion is the light­en­ing that hap­pens over active­ly erupt­ing vol­ca­noes. The not so pret­ty ver­sion is the explod­ing corn dust in a grain silo. The com­mon­al­i­ty is small par­ti­cles of dust/sand/ash that col­lect elec­tri­cal charges.


Art, Images, and Design

One of the most charm­ing bots to be found on Sugar Coated Goodness. If only co-dependence was so cute in real life.

Faces of drag­on flies by Miros?aw ?wi?tek.
Tons more of his macro work here.

Nice col­lec­tion of motor­cy­cle based pho­tographs from the Corpses from Hell site all tidied up into a straight edged pile by Pipeburn.

Tuesday’s just as bad…