Morning Linkage (Sept 9)


Finally. A cus­tom that I would sell my Defender to own. Okay, maybe
not the Defender but there are a cou­ple of Schnauzers on the block.

These are some sweet cross sec­tions of bits of the land­scape. Honda UK ads.

Visualizing air traf­fic across the globe. 24 hours of avi­a­tion data.


Industrial Design (or Things)

The ulti­mate Velcro. Holds up to 35 tonnes (google says 35 tonnes = 77
161.7918 pounds — thanks Shasta) and with­stands 800 degrees C (800
degrees Celsius = 1472 degrees Fahrenheit)
Um, all I want­ed was some­thing that would keep the garage door opener
stuck to the visor.

Old lad­ders are use­less for climb­ing but they make nifty book shelves.
Really nifty. Or maybe a curio cabinet?


Tech and Information

The illu­sion of anonymiz­ing data. There are some leaps in this
sum­ma­ry, but the miss­ing links are avail­able through the sources
cit­ed. The salient quote (of a quote) “… cen­tral real­i­ty of data
col­lec­tion: “data can either be use­ful or per­fect­ly anony­mous but
nev­er both.””

Does this belong here or under the next head­ing? Call it a segue. The
apple logo and the lap­top skin have nev­er been so apt­ly juxtaposed.‑9.html


Culture and the Cult of the Girly-Girl

The com­pli­cat­ed ques­tion of South African run­ner Caster Semenya’s
gen­der is being dis­cussed by sci­en­tists and doc­tors. (See sec­ond link)
Meanwhile I have to won­der about the girly-girl makeover that appears
on the cov­er of the South African mag­a­zine You. Nadya Lev brings the
impor­tant points out in this essay.

Old style fem­i­nin­i­ty in a col­lec­tion of “Resort Wear” from 1953.

And not too long after those illus­tra­tions appeared the world woke up
to one of the new style girly-girls. Brigitte Bardot. She (and her
pho­tog­ra­phers) pro­vid­ed a fresh look at what it means to be a
celebri­ty. More girl and less mannequin.



The title assigned to this mon­tage of Justin Andrew’s sculptures
prompts mus­ing. “Abstraction has often been asso­ci­at­ed with a lack of

Two illus­tra­tors with new work out. One from Burbank who believes that
the rest of use hold our pen­cils weird. (Read the about me page.)

One teenag­er from Amman. Hifzi has­n’t set­tled into his own style yet -
his port­fo­lio at DeviantArt still includes a lot of copies of popular
car­toon and comics char­ac­ters. There are flash­es of good things to
come.  Here’s a cou­ple of his best.‑4

Photographs of minia­tures that por­tray the seami­er side of urban life.
The McDonalds’ burg­er box UFO



Yummy flags of the nations.



Google Japan shows you how they work to pro­tect your pri­va­cy in Google
Maps street view. Cute.


keep calm and car­ry on,