Morning Linakge (Sept 10)


Honda has devel­oped a “dual clutch” auto-transmission for bikes.
There’s a dia­gram at the bot­tom of the post that I’m still puzzling

It nev­er real­ly works but the gull wing sports car refus­es to die.
This one is sex­i­er than most.

A com­bi­na­tion of watch porn and auto­mo­tive his­to­ry. This stop watch is going to look so sweet on the dash of the scoot­er. (not)

Video, clas­si­cal music. BMW at the Nürburgring with Wagner (apolo­gies to JC)



A col­lec­tion of images from the repaired Hubble tele­scope. The lead pic is a stunner.



Ars Technica puts up the pay wall, becomes irrel­e­vant faster than last weeks celeb tid-bits. Big mis­take boys.

For the fan­bois, excru­ci­at­ing minute by minute cov­er­age of yes­ter­day’s Apple love-fest.



The only  impor­tant news from yes­ter­day’s Apple blitz. Norah Jones cut her hair. And she still rocks wicked cool shoes.

Nerf is a huge part of my fam­i­ly’s Christmas tra­di­tion. Happy 40th to the (foam) weapons maker.


Art and Images

Gabriel Dishaw is a found object sculp­tor. Here is the left of this Junk Dunk pair of com­put­er trash kicks. (SFW) Click through to his site for more (some NSFW)

Designlenta is a Russian site that is bring­ing mag­i­cal art to my door by the buck­et load. Today we have: Stuart Crossett whose pho­tos for adver­tis­ing are won­der­ful­ly mixed up.

Also via Designlenta I dis­cov­ered the blog of  Sam Nielson who works for Disney and draws mon­sters that I would glad­ly host in my nightmares.

Another illus­tra­tor blog that I’ll be fol­low­ing belongs to Nate Simpson who used to be a con­cept artist for the gam­ing indus­try and is now teach­ing him­self the art of draw­ing a com­ic by… draw­ing one.

Another illus­tra­tor cross­ing over into a medi­um oth­er than his usu­al is Anders Nyberg. He’s been in the work­shop this sum­mer build­ing wood­en toys.

Colour Lovers brings us a col­lec­tion of vin­tage Japanese post­cards. Restful palettes abound. I’ve book­marked this one for inspi­ra­tion in rebuild­ing a blog to host the full (with pic­tures) ver­sion of morn­ing linkage.



You already got a good video this morn­ing so here’s some bad ones. The Wall-O-Fluff — enough cute ani­mal videos to start an entire cube farm full of sugar-shock.

Until tomor­row my freaky darlings,



Bonus Science Section

My late father was a par­ti­cle physi­cist. Much of his ear­ly career was spent work­ing on the char­ac­ter­i­za­tion of the Higgs-Bosun par­ti­cle. The search for proof of the exis­tence of the Higgs-Bosun con­tin­ues in accel­er­a­tors and col­lid­ers around the world.Paul Halpern has just had his book “Collider” pub­lished. Wired sci­ence has pro­vid­ed two excerpts from the book and two arti­cles on American colliders.