Morning Linkage (Sept 8)


Moving back­wards, as far as we are con­cerned. Samoans are now driving
on the left. Why? The abil­i­ty to import cheap used cars from their

A sweet lit­tle bob­ber from a Norton Atlas. This can’t be bad.

For my next blue trin­ket I want this Bentley.

Presenting the Mosquito, an elec­tric bike that harkens more toward the
ped­al bike than the motor bike. Boat wor­thy wood­work too.



If you’re both­ered by the fly­ing type of mos­qui­to you might need one
of these. The USB don­gle, the next rule 34 can­di­date? (Also Doug A is
a fun­ny guy.)

Protecting the pwe­cious child­wen. Parental con­trol cen­sor­ing software
is just anoth­er mar­ket­ing oppor­tu­ni­ty. I am *so* not surprised.


Design (and Food and Flash and Rummage and…)

Designer choco­lates. Pretty enough to eat.

The award for the best unob­tru­sive use of ani­ma­tion on a web­site goes
to… The United States Post Office? Click on the lit­tle tear tab.
(this is prob­a­bly a lim­it­ed time link)

Craig’s List ads should work like this. And CL adver­tis­ers should
dis­play their mer­chan­dise as well.

Changzhi Lee’s school port­fo­lio is a charm­ing reuse of paper from
oth­er projects. His web site is love­ly as well, but flash prevents

Bugarian design­er Stefan Kirov ( 1915 — 2001) had an eye for col­or and
orna­men­ta­tion. Here one of my favorite sites (Colour Lovers) puts
togeth­er a cou­ple of palettes from his stamps and gives us an whole
lot more. It’s cheer­ful stuff for the first fog­gy morn­ing of fall.

From the port­fo­lio of Massive Black an over­whelm­ing num­ber of
illus­tra­tions. There’s bound to be some­thing in here that will
per­fect­ly com­ple­ment your desk­top and sat­is­fy your freak­ish soul. (2
or 3 NSFW)

At least you have a cube. But then again you’re not going to get to
play those rockin’ 8‑bit games all day.

until tomor­row my dears,