Morning Linkage (Sept 29)


A lit­tle some­thing for my TopGear fan friends. Where’s Waldo got
noth­ing on this.

Fiat Abarth, sigh. One of my first expe­ri­ences with sleep­er was a
lit­tle Fiat 850 that ran like a scald­ed cat. Here’s what they are
doing now. Wanna ral­ly?

More extreme trans­port. In this case mov­ing the 200,000 pound antennas
for the ALMA array in Chile.



Since I already men­tioned ALMA. Have a look around the offi­cial site.
Extreme astron­o­my. (And a bonus video of the above huge transporters.)

The search for the leg­endary “dark mat­ter” has a new tool. A
scin­til­lat­ing bolome­ter. A weird lit­tle steam-punky look­ing cylinder
with a blue light crys­tal. Obligatory Golden Compass references
pro­vid­ed in the report.



Premium does­n’t mean much any more. To wit the reac­tions to the feel
and pric­ing of Sony’s PSP Go. John Biggs does a good job of
sum­ma­riz­ing the sit­u­a­tion and choos­es a pre­mi­um pic­ture to illustrate.


Art, Images, Architecture

Facebook is get­ting new digs in Palo Alto. Can archi­tec­ture be
con­sid­ered child­ish? Ugh.

Lester Young meets William Steig. I will spend the next hour hunt­ing up an mp3 of this album. And then use the art­work as wallpaper.

A fence with the icon­ic image from the first Sci-Fi film La Voyage
dans la Lune. Art, sci­ence, metal!

Weston Teruya draws frag­ment­ed, iso­lat­ed images of, well stuff. Oddly calm­ing.

Tagged as Lowbrow/Comic Surrealism. Eh?

Real (dead) bugs + small machine parts = awe­some­ness. Check out the
small won­ders at Insect Labs.

Or, on a larg­er scale, the awe­some­ness of giant bal­loon creature
cos­tumes. Mediocre time-lapse mak­ing of video. Turn off your speakers.

don’t get eat­en by the troll under the bridge.