Morning Linkage (Oct 1)


The new Augusta. Sexiest bike in the world? Maybe. Very nice engine details pix.

Old school sexy. A Guzzi, in rattle-can mat­te black.

More old school. Husky used to make bikes not just chain­saws and
sewing machines.

An entire day wast­ing day’s worth of two (and three) wheeled old
school and amuse­ment
. Expect to links to this one in the future.

Oshkosh, not just for cov­er­alls. There’s the new M‑ATV com­plete with
mar­ket­ing video. Photo gallery but no order­ing info.



Facebook com­men­tary from a car­toon­ist. “all the mun­dane anecdotes,
none of the art!



Very tricky Trojan that steals your bank­ing cre­den­tials and then
hi-jacks your lat­er ses­sions with the bank to cov­er up the frauds.

Craig Burton takes Steve Ballmer to task for micro-managing. Kind of a
well duh moment.

Borders joins Barnes and Noble in offer­ing free wi-fi. Nice move, I’d
switched my cof­fee, mag­a­zine brows­ing, and do a bit of work routine
from Borders to B&N when B&N start­ed offer­ing free wifi. I’ll likely
switch back now. But I driect you to the quote from the PR droid at
Borders about the change. Huh? Is that English?

Ars Technica takes a look at the MSFT Security Essentials that Lee
men­tioned the oth­er day. They are impressed.

Further news on the MSFT Courier “book­let” lots more details and a few
hints at the lim­its of it’s capa­bil­i­ties. Still Want.

Life Magazine Archives comes up with an oth­er win­ner. 30 Dumbest
inven­tions. The light up tires are cool, the girl coy­ly adjust­ing a
stock­ing is a lit­tle racy for my great-grandpa but you all should find
it SFW.



I have a chalk board refrig­er­a­tor. Some peo­ple can’t think with­out a
white board, butch­er paper and crayons make eat­ing out pos­si­ble with
sprogs. So how about a table as chalk board. The mat­te black fin­ish is
tres chic as well.


Art, Images, and Illustration

At $250 for the issue I won’t be buy­ing Visionaire this month. But I’d
love to have this rock­ing col­lec­tion of pop-up art. Video is NSFW

I no longer fol­low the sweet sci­ence (that went out with the ex) but I
enjoyed find­ing this por­trait of Brock Lesnar on Solon’s site.

New car­toon. Witch-knots. Passable so far. I’ll keep an eye on it.


And Out the Door.

Paging ms rainey. Just a reminder about how dogs think.

liv­ing the vida loco