The Design Edition

Start­ing with a cou­ple of fur­ni­ture designs.

With a welder and some scrap from out behind the barn we could make up
a cou­ple of these lawn chairs. Not sure I want to sit on one. Humor in
design is good.

And anoth­er report­ed by Core77. Prov­ing that lack of humor in design
think­ing is what makes the rest of think design­ers are pretentious
idiots. From the pull quote: “…struc­tur­al nar­ra­tive of planned
imper­fec­tions…”  WTF?

Two on the design process.

Flikr set of pho­tos and sketch­es show­ing high­lights of Andy Logan
design­ing the Tur­boChef DWO oven. (Do Want)

NTY on-line about Steven M. John­son. Char­ac­ter­ized as R. Crumb meets
Buck­mis­ter Fuller. You can just look at the pix (tons) but the article
is well worth the 15 min. read. (Dis­cuss)

A quick report on a sweet lit­tle ad cam­paign to stop trash­ing the ocean.

Infor­ma­tion Archi­tect and Design­er want­ed by the State of Ore­gon to
work on the unholy mess that is the elec­tion process. Not the voting
machines/techniques but all the sur­round­ing media. Vot­ers pamphlets,
polling place sig­nage, PSAs etc.  Good t see some recog­ni­tion of the
role of IA and design in pub­lic dis­course. (See also the book Nudge -
Jim H read­ing first.)

Ob Moto Content:

Nice mod of a stan­dard. (Don’t like Suck­er Punch Sal­ly’s oth­er work
much but this is rockin’) <begin rant> And for gawks sake this is 00s
do not build URLs with spe­cial char­ac­ters in them <end rant>

Anoth­er nice port­fo­lio of bike draw­ings and mockups.

more Mon­day
have a great week­end folks