Morning Linkage (May 7)

The arts and crafts edition.

Oh, and one toy. Now you nev­er have to be with­out a train set.–1/product.html?LproductId=16155

Art from books. I don’t always hold the line with the “nev­er destroy a
book” crowd. Here are two exam­ples of why.

The flickr set of Nicholas Galanin’s What Have We Become .

Thomas Allen’s pho­tographed dio­ra­mas made by cut­ting and fold­ing pulp covers

Bajema’s newest book. Sold out of course. Link to the Coilhouse review
because it has more pic­tures. Go ahead and explore Coilhouse as well.

If you’re prowl­ing Seattle this week­end go to see the new show at Roq
La Rue — Lush Life. I’ll be there though sad­ly not for open­ing night.

The crafty bits:

First baby-food jar project that I’d let with­in a mile of my house.
Maybe under the canopy in the garden?

Friends for your desktop.

There are a few of you who will have to turn away from the screen for
this one. But I laughed myself silly.

DucCutters has lots of oth­er projects many less vio­lent­ly wrong than
the one above.