Morning Linkage (May 11)

A sil­ly to start. 69 Love Song Illustrated. Just what it says. All by
dif­fer­ent artists. They haven’t got the full 69 yet and a the quality
varies but this one is hap­py sil­ly. (Mildly NSFW due to hazy nakedness
and furries)

Douglas Bowman’s depar­ture from his post as head design­er for Google
has freed him to say a lot about how Google works. In this NYT article
he again dis­cuss­es the data vs. design divide.

How the smart guys at UCSB hijacked a bot­net. This is the best I’ve
been able to find on it. Details of how the bot­net worked are light.
(I real­ly don’t care about the user data they found. There’s nothing
new.) I’ll keep look­ing for some­thing more in depth.

Charmingly British head-to-head test between a net­book (Asus) and an
iPhone. Which is eas­i­er to type on? In a Rally car? At full goose bozo

Cory Doctorow’s review of Daniel Pinkwater’s new chil­dren’s book.
Pinkwater like Gaiman writes chil­dren’s books that make grown-ups
hap­py too.‑a.html

Pretty. Shiny. Nostalgic (for some of you) and pos­si­bly the coolest
bike name *ever*.

I still hate monday.

more tomor­row,