Morning Linkage (May 6)

Silly chil­dren’s book. The draw­ings are delight­ful. The text
abom­inable — in a cute sex­ist way. Don’t both­er read­ing the comments.


Librarians are wor­ry­ing about the Google Books set­tle­ment. No access
to put of print books vs. access con­trolled by giant corp. Rock and
hard place.

There was a lot of wor­ry about eBay encour­ag­ing the stolen antiquities
mar­ket at the begin­ning. This paper finds that, in fact, eBay has
dras­ti­cal­ly cut down on the sales of stolen mate­ri­als. Unintended
con­se­quences that win rather than fail. Nice.

Kind of loud and whiny but a cogent indict­ment of the per­son­al finance
guru scam.


The port­fo­lio of Akihisa Nakatani. Lots of sports gear includ­ing a few
bits of moto gear. Love his sketch­ing style.

I hate mod­ern low ener­gy light­ing. So do a lot of oth­er peo­ple. But
the solu­tions are too damned expensive.

The CryENGINE2 ren­der­ing engine is get­ting a lot of good press right
now. Click through to the mes­sage board for tons of mind boggling
images *if* your con­nec­tion is real™ fast. Mine ain’t.

Lovely video com­posed of time lapse pho­tos as a freighter moves
through Houston at night. Be sure to watch both halves.

There’s a map of the route here.

And anoth­er very sil­ly green  item to end the list.

more tomor­row,