More on the sad state of our rail sys­tem. (With a lit­tle swine flu
pan­ic thrown in.)

A cool fold­ing two-wheel trans­port. Sum­ma­ry here:
More images here.

Stu­pid prod­uct — fun­ny videos. (A seg­way knock off for the under 8s.)


A use­ful site list­ing alter­na­tives to var­i­ous soft­ware. Some of the
alter­na­tives are free some are not. For exam­ple both Visu­al Studio
(expen­sive) and NetbBeans (free) are  list­ed as an alter­na­tives to
DreamWeaver. Espe­cial­ly use­ful if you need to find something
cheap/free for a one-off project.


Includes the best pair of cow­boy boots I’ve seen this week. (Do Want)
(click through to the site but the best three are right here.)

I’m an Amy fan not a ukulele fan but damn it’s been a long wait for
this gem. Worth it.

There are always too many radish­es in the gar­den. Now I have something
use­ful to do with them.

more tomor­row