Morning Lnkage (May 4)


Seattle is adopt­ing new math text books. Cliff Mass has some­thing to
say about it. You should too.

A study of zebra finch­es brings up new ques­tions about how bird song
is taught/learned. I nev­er feel com­fort­able with the broad conclusions
about the nature of cul­ture and cul­tur­al inher­i­tance that peo­ple want
to draw from these exper­i­ments. Nonetheless the results of this one
are fascinating.

Centralia PA and it’s under­ground fires came up at the Fish Fry. I
spent time there on church spon­sored work par­ties as a teenag­er. (Link
to boing boing because the serv­er at teleport-city is overwhelmed.)


Golfers are obses­sive (my Dad so would have had one of these)

Things to do with a dumpster.

Technology and Design:

How design can make a dif­fer­ence. Case study — Redesigning the IV
pole. Excellently writ­ten as well.

How Google scans a book with­out the page dis­tor­tion caused by the
cur­va­ture of the page. (Warning: Patent Info)

Art and Images:

World class sandcastles:

Stealth tromp l’oeil of an urban sort.

Just because it made me a lit­tle hap­pi­er this morning.

more tomor­row,