Five on the going some­where theme.

Two trans­porta­tion devices. Sim­i­lar design feel — rad­i­cal­ly different

Black and white and plas­ti­cy and wonderful.

Black and white and plas­ti­cy and dorky. (It’s real future might be as
a basis for bet­ter wheel chairs.)‑real-toyota-updates-futuristic-tricycle

Not what we are look­ing for in an elec­tric motor­cy­cle (but Mis­sion One
gets a mention.)

Shoes I am unlike­ly to wear but would con­sid­er adding to the art collection.

Adam K. lets us know that he also enjoys ran­dom adven­ture touring.

Three for the art gallery.

A sin­gle pho­to from New Orleans

Amaz­ing sur­re­al pho­tos cre­at­ed with­out com­put­er assis­tance. I think of
the Red Queen in Alice in Won­der­land like this. (Pos­si­bly NSFW but
it’s very arty and you’d have to look real­ly hard.)

Main image tech­ni­cal­ly SFW but OGM giggle/squick. (In gen­er­al Atomic
Sex Kit­ten is very NSFW but very hap­py pr0n.)

Two on design.

A sim­ple graph­ic that describes the con­text for flow in gam­ing, and
life in general.

Sev­er­al design­ers dis­cuss the dif­fer­ences between sin­gle user
screen/mouse/keyboard and multi-user MS Sur­face inter­face design.

And one more, a place to go and pon­der that even with all the modern
geo-tech we still have mys­ter­ies. (yay!)

more tomor­row,