Fri­day Video Edition

Wicked RC plane fly­ing (some­one needs to give this kid an iPod and
some decent tunes.)

More fly­ing — slow motion hum­ming birds.

Mid 80’s ad cam­paign for Hon­da’s City. Eng­lish rock and roll meets tiny car.

Park­our from Brazil. Visu­al­ly stun­ning film. Watch this full screen is
you can. Unless you’re afraid­of heights. Then you might want to watch
the lit­tle screen ver­sion. Gulp.

VS Ramachan­dran presents an excel­lent TED talk on how the brain and
the mind are con­nect­ed. Start your code com­pil­ing and spend half an
hour dis­cov­er­ing how your head based com­put­er works.

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