The cof­fee shop edi­tion. (No inter­net at home.)

If you’re bored and have a lot of time and remem­ber play­ing D&D (what
ever hap­pened to Eugene Mosier?) and like Tolkien.

Space Sta­tions — now with more Win­dows. Home remod­el­ing with wicked
tough design constraints.

Today’s inter­view with a design­er. Build­ing space suits.

When you don’t quite get that design thing right. Not so trailering.
(This site is a good time waster.)

Maybe fix­ing things the right way. Urban roof tops made useful.

I love Eva Fun­der­burg’s ceram­ic creatures.

Insane­ly pop­u­lar inter­net meme invades Safe­co. Cheezburg­er night with
the Mariners. (yurk)

more — maybe bet­ter — on Thursday.