Two on mate­ri­als science

A promis­ing sub­sti­tute for BPA. It’s being mar­ket­ed in baby bot­tles so
be sure to watch for the ‘no it’s not safe’ back­lash with­in 2 weeks of

Sand’s unusu­al flow properites have physi­cists won­der­ing about matter
states. Old school B&W sci­ence videos!

Sci­ence cre­at­ing art, maybe but light­ning in a cube is cool. The
web­site is fug­ly — what’s with that?

Hearse made from a prius. I will haunt you from the great bey­ound. Srsly.

Watch Shep­ard Fairey (of oba­ma poster fame) do his art with a spray
can thing. Excel­lent process video.

NSA bait. Seed bombs. Guer­ril­la gardening.

more tomor­row