Morning Linkage (Jul 3)

Seasonally Appropriate.

Forgotten found­ing fathers. Guys from the Continental Congress that
most of us have nev­er heard of.

Cool if some­what creepy tech­nol­o­gy is used to cre­ate an impor­tant ad.
Special note to Kathy G. The last sen­tence points to the pow­er of the
Internet to mul­ti­ply the reach of a mes­sage exponentially.

vin­tage ads — all a lit­tle weird. some are down right grue­some . OTOH
i’ve always loved the Chase and Sandborn one.

Glass and fiber and spin­ning wheels. You only need to watch the first
minute or two of the video.

There are bad books — there good plants.

Spend some time with David Cathro’s 3‑d ren­der­ings. the vehi­cles are amazing.

Carry this lit­tle bin­go card along on your next ride to the Starbucks
(>= 100 miles from home)

I pro­pose that we pur­chase a good cou­ple dozen of these for the next
Gather. Tent find­ing on Friday night will be soooo much easier.

hap­py 4th y’all (try to keep all your fingers!)