Morning Linkage (Jul 6)

(Slightly bizarre) images.

A car­ni­val in TX.

A sculp­ture(?) whose mean­ing depends on it’s shadow.

Abandoned real estate is an old sto­ry but this slide show from the NYT
has excel­lent photos.
Local scenes.

Cool things hap­pen in Manchester England. I wish I could go and try my
luck at con­vinc­ing the Mad Man.

Support Seattle small businesses.

Two ran­dom links.

A new time waster  — one sen­tence sto­ries Hundreds of them

This rock­ing horse cell­phone stand is just… well I don’t know what it is.

But seri­ous­ly.

New research sug­gests that anx­i­ety trig­gers the release of a scent
that caus­es oth­er humans who smell it to empathize with you.” Which
might explain the (hope­ful­ly tem­po­rary) appeal of dra­ma queens and
liars, and the more jus­ti­fied eager­ness to help out the noobs. More
details here.

Tim O’Reilly dis­cuss­es the Kindle and the haz­ards of pro­pri­etary. He
descrip­tion of the his­to­ry of pub­lish­ing plat­forms is food for

more tomor­row.