Morning Linkage (Jul 2)

Design notes:

Some clever and some cute. Car design car-toons.

Minimally processed fur­ni­ture. Even I could build this.

Warren Ellis has found the ulti­mate vehi­cle for snarky authors (and
Buck Rodgers fans.)

With the Tim Burton ver­sion of Alice in Wonderland in the works some
old­er but no less piquant visions of Alice are reap­pear­ing. Here is
Annie Leibovitz doing Alice for Vogue in 2003.

An aes­thet­ic ide­al in kegera­tors. Let’s try a lit­tle hard­er folks.

Two imag­i­nary worlds:

A cas­tle by the sea in Japan.‑paper-craft-castle-on-the-ocean/

The most com­plex mod­el RR I’ve ever seen. And it’s ‑analog-

The mon­sters of the world:

I am not the only one with a Jellyfish problem.

Jabba the Hutt as a kidlet.

Just a reminder:‑2/

more tomor­row,