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Today David Seah men­tioned in an almost aside to a post about learn­ing to net­work (a shared weak­ness) that he had read a cou­ple of books by Paulo Coelho and that these were, for him, the right books at the right time.
For me the right book was Coyote Blue by Christopher Moore. I’ve read and loved a ton of CM’s books since then but only Coyote Blue came by at the right moment with the right mes­sage: You are what you are, and any and all attempts to pre­tend oth­er­wise are bound to result in the old man bit­ing you in the ass.

What was your right book at the right time?

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  1. Hi mag­pie,

    Found your blog via your com­ment on David Seah’s blog. Thought it was a great ques­tion to ask!

    My “right book at the right time” was the nov­el “Open House” by Elizabeth Berg. I was going through a sud­den divorce and try­ing to stay sane by not stop­ping, mov­ing for­ward all the time and not giv­ing myself time to deal with any emotion. 

    Funnily enough “Open House” is about a woman also called Samantha going through a sud­den divorce. It fol­lows her through all the emo­tion­al upheaval and the steps she takes to rebuild her life. It was exact­ly what I needed.

    Of the many things I took away from the book, the two biggest were:

    - It’s okay to get angry about it.
    — I, and only I, am in charge of my future.

    Two very dif­fer­ent lessons but at the time they were per­fect­ly right for me.

    Despite the heavy sub­ject mat­ter, the book is fair­ly light­ly writ­ten. If not for the tim­ing I don’t think it would have come across as pow­er­ful­ly. My own life was mir­ror­ing so much of the oth­er Sam’s that every line seemed charged.

    I have a gig­gle some­times that of all the expen­sive self-help books I read, it was a cheap paper­back nov­el that pulled me through that rough time ;-)


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