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Morning Linkage (Apr 6)


Very pret­ty Nor­ton Com­man­do on a new bike pic blog.

I’m not much of  a fan of the chop­per mod­’ed Tri­umph. But this one is enough to make me recon­sid­er my cafe rac­er prejudices.

Girl in white (leathers?) on a fan­cy bike. The hair orna­ment is fab. Looks like a parade should be form­ing up any minute.



Mites and a pseudo-scorpion and oth­er crit­ters that hitch rides on insects and bugs. Big fleas have lit­tle fleas…

The pret­ty ver­sion is the light­en­ing that hap­pens over active­ly erupt­ing vol­ca­noes. The not so pret­ty ver­sion is the explod­ing corn dust in a grain silo. The com­mon­al­i­ty is small par­ti­cles of dust/sand/ash that col­lect elec­tri­cal charges.


Art, Images, and Design

One of the most charm­ing bots to be found on Sug­ar Coat­ed Good­ness. If only co-dependence was so cute in real life.

Faces of drag­on flies by Miros?aw ?wi?tek.
Tons more of his macro work here.

Nice col­lec­tion of motor­cy­cle based pho­tographs from the Corpses from Hell site all tidied up into a straight edged pile by Pipeburn.

Tues­day’s just as bad…

Morning Linkage (Mar 8)


Low rent trans­former of now neglect­ed, beloved city mas­cot. This robot built of sovi­et era car parts stands out­side of Odessa.

Love­ly. Thrux­ton based.

Some back­ground on the engine design of the IoM Nor­ton I showed you a week or so ago. The squish com­bus­tion cham­ber was the idea of a jan­i­tor? Not real­ly. Leo Kus­mick­i’s sto­ry reads like an adven­ture com­ic none-the-less. Read the com­ments for addi­tion­al info.

Inter­est­ing if true, BMW has a firmware rev lim­iter on the new S1000RR. It gets turned off at the 600 mile ser­vice. Is this going too far? Or is BMW jus­ti­fied in try­ing to pro­tect it’s machines from ear­ly life abuse and itself from unrea­son­able war­ran­ty claims.


Literature and Gadgets

A book design­er talks about the move to eBooks, what the iPad brings to the par­ty, and what the future of the print­ed book looks like. His dis­tinc­tion between form­less and def­i­nite con­tent is a good way of con­sid­er­ing which books deserve to be print­ed and which don’t. Per­haps it is time to rec­og­nize that some books are not worth the paper they are print­ed on.  Excel­lent civ­i­lized dis­cus­sion in the com­ments as well.

Less thought­ful but more imme­di­ate­ly and com­mer­cial­ly rel­e­vant. These two videos fea­tur­ing Pen­guin Books’ CEO John Makin­son talk­ing about the pub­lish­er’s move into the dig­i­tal book mar­ket and the upsides and down­sides that they see in the near future.

Low tech, for book lovers. Book plates can aid the return of your pre­cious vol­umes. There are three free designs, I like the one with snakes.


Art, Images, and Design

Some of the nicest remake/reuse fur­ni­ture exam­ples I’ve seen. Not a bun­ny or flower stick­er in the bunch. Decent hard­ware upgrades too. From Pur­pose Restora­tion.

Flickr is home to the port­fo­lios of some amaz­ing pho­tog­ra­phers. The work of Nicholas Moulin includes lots of wicked cool macro images like this four-eyed spi­der.

Scott Camp­bell of Zom­bie Fair poster fame has new work hang­ing in Lon­don.  Who can resist ambigu­ous wood­land crea­tures and a race car carved out of a boul­der ? Or the Bedrock air­ships?

Cecil­ia Murgel’s jour­nal pages. Each fea­tures an image of two women and a com­men­tary on the activ­i­ties of a day. In Por­tugese but you don’t need to read the entries to know how she’s feel­ing about what’s going on in her life. I haven’t seen mark­ers used so well in ages.

ta ta for now my freaky darlings…

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