Morning Linkage (Jul 29)


Starting with a cou­ple of Ducatis.

Sweet Duc 750 Sport.

Joe’s V Cycle cafe rac­ers. A ’66 Duc Monza 250 and a ’72 Honda CB750.

Italian ref­er­ence, NSU licensed and built Lambrettas. Stub-tailed cat on a scooter.

Not Italian at all. moto — extrem­is. I love this bike.

Political Trivia

Subjects” became “cit­i­zens” and the tone of the doc­u­ment changed in a sub­tle and impor­tant way. Jefferson’s revi­sions of the Declaration of Independence.

Art, Images, and Design

This could take all day. Titles, excerpts, and cov­er art for vin­tage tracts and pamphlets.

They draw — they cook — pas­ta al limone.

Amy show us vin­tage Chinese fire­works packaging.

I seem to be on a mon­sters kick this week. Fuco Ueda under­stands mon­sters and the mun­dane dis­guis­es they wear. Coilhouse gives an overview.  Her site.  The nav is hid­den under shoes.

But now we need some­thing a lit­tle brighter. The Bear turns fifty today. Here’s a lit­tle birth­day par­ty.

off you go,