Morning Linkage (Feb 3)


Every body loves a top 10. Okay, so how about a top 19? The 19 most com­plex and dan­ger­ous roads in the world. Complex ?= Dangerous.

Tamburini = Brutale ++. That said, there is absolute­ly no jus­ti­fi­ca­tion for pro­vid­ing a link to this pro­duc­tiv­i­ty sap­ping pho­to gallery. None.

The best col­lec­tion of WTF moto moments.



There is less than 100% agree­ment on what exact­ly Panotpitclick is measuring/revealing but the fal­la­cy of non-identifying infor­ma­tion is tak­ing anoth­er beat­ing. Your brows­er cus­tomiza­tions may make you track­able. My results on Jan 31, 2010. “Your brows­er fin­ger­print appears to be unique among the 443,644 test­ed so far.”

Ancient tech. The old­est known multi-tool. A Roman Army Knife, if you will.


Art and Design

Tommy Kane (was) a big shot in adver­tis­ing. Now he wants to be an illus­tra­tor again. I’ll start you out with one of his col­ored pen­cil sketch­es. The shop Zen Needlecraft has the mis­for­tune of hav­ing the rather unhap­py look­ing fish logo from the upstairs restau­rant right over the front door.

In 3‑D. Kinekt gear dri­ven rings, for your fin­ger. Watch the video.

Bill Watterson talks about his deci­sion to stop draw­ing Calvin and Hobbes.

English Laundry and Dan and Dave. It’s a bit much trendy for me but the music is good and the card flour­ish­es are just plain cool. (Video — Sound)

Off to be a girly-girl today, expect me to be all pink hearts and flow­ers and lit­tle smi­lies to dot my I’s for a cou­ple of days…