Morning Linkage (Feb 28)


Alternate engine tech isn’t all about elec­trons; there’s still inter­est in steam. After the recent British retak­ing of the world speed record for a steam pow­ered car, the gents from the USA area ready to give it anoth­er go.

Extraordinarily pret­ty Opel Motoclub. The red tires just bring the whole look together.

I hes­i­tate to post this, some of you will not make it back to check out the rest of this morn­ing’s links. Ah well, ser­vice is what we’re about here. Loudpop Voyager, hours of brows­ing and that’s just the bike pics.



From NPR, an inter­est­ing pro­pos­al for rebuild­ing Iceland’s econ­o­my, a safe haven for ideas and infor­ma­tion. Think Canary Islands for Wikileaks.

Cross plat­form gam­ing, mas­sive­ly coop­er­a­tive game play, and a girl who stretch­es all the way across the solar sys­tem? All that and Pluto is still a plan­et. Noby Noby Boy, please go down­load it and play. I want to see the ending.



I love my Kaufman Guide to Birds. There is now anoth­er filed guide from Kenn Kaufman — The Kaufman Guide to Insects. (Also insect puns in the comments.)


Art, Images, and Design

Today, a look at what’s up in the world of Urban and Street Art.

Ripo’s large scale work is cre­at­ed using words and phras­es, cho­sen to be rel­e­vant to the loca­tion. Well, except the guy moon­ing the cruise liners.

el Crudo has tak­en the walls left when a neigh­bor­ing house was torn down and recre­at­ed the imag­ined life of it’s occu­pants. The park­our cat trip­ping down the stairs (green back­ground) is par­tic­u­lar­ly fine.

Another flickr set. This time the bum­ble bee news­box sto­ries. Each news­pa­per box con­tains a scene. The pho­tographs con­tains lots tags that expand the story.

2:12 makes mar­velous sten­cil based images in Houston. Here the tan­go dancer and the geisha. The video of paint­ing the geisha sign is worth watch­ing. (Video with Sound)

That should keep you all busy until tomorrow.