- the messed up glass­es edition -


First thing in the feed read­er this morn­ing was this beau­ty. I almost stopped there and called it a day. CB550, build direct­ed by Jeff Stephens.

Art, Images, and Design

A few brief com­ments on the book design of the sem­i­nal Design for the Real World. Aside from the funky 70’s cov­er, it might be time to revis­it this classic.

Chris­t­ian Trib­a­s­tone hung 6 of his sketch­es of Jamestown, NY on or near the places he had drawn. Excel­lent images in black and white on brown paper. He won­ders what will hap­pen to the draw­ings he left behind, so do I.

Sweet new print from Casey Roberts. Hap­pi­ness.

that’s all I can see for now.