Morning Linage (Apr 28)


Sim­ple and sweet. The RD350 as cafe racer.

Rat scoot­ers. There are a cou­ple of homely lit­tle items in this col­lec­tion that I would hap­pily take home and shine up. And a WTF or two.

I remain uncon­vinced, but there are folks who think this clip from a dyno test of the MotoCzysz D1-10 proves that elec­tric bikes will make cool noises. I think it sounds like cat­a­strophic bear­ing  fail­ure in the main gen­er­a­tor house at Hoover Dam.

Soci­ety and Culture

Fab­u­lously obscene blues song by Lucille Bogan from 1935 proves that mod­ern music has always been degen­er­ate. Shave Em Dry. NSFW

I care very much about the future of comics, car­toons, and ani­ma­tion. The old model of polar oppo­sites (Mar­vel comics vs xeroxed ‘zines) is giv­ing way to newer pos­si­bil­i­ties at points in between. Options that allow cre­ators to earn a liv­ing at a smaller scale than was pos­si­ble before. From wikipedia a list of “self-supporting’ web comics. Brave folks tak­ing big risks. And some of them are damned funny too

Art, Images, and Design

I’m not sure what it means when a woman begins to paint her­self as a young boy. The results of Julie Heffernan’s exper­i­ments are deep, com­plex, and hyp­notic. Roman­ti­cism gone wrong. It’s worth spend­ing time with her other paint­ings as well. (NSFW artis­tic nudes)

Mod­ern hero. 38 of your favorite super heroes depicted in mod­ern angu­lar glory. Unfor­tu­nately they are no longer avail­able as prints. le freakin’ sigh.

Black and White image of the day. Lyn Fontane and Alfred Lunt — laid back and louche — with a side of wiener dog.

so it goes…