Unob­tain­able but bru­tal­ly lovely.

R51 spot­ted in Greece.



Open source hard­ware. How much stor­age for how lit­tle cash? Just in
case you have a yen to start up a cloud stor­age com­pa­ny. Or own a
tru­ly awe inspir­ing porn collection.

Open­ing up the Kin­dle. In this case run­ning Lin­ux on it. I’m not sure
why you’d do this but it’s cool.

The newest Man­hat­tan Project allows you to look at what your favorite
lit­tle chunk of NYC looked like in 1609. It’s hard to think of bears
in cen­tral park. But they’re here/there.


Ross Racine draws imag­i­nary sub­urbs. Clean black and white aerial
images that either live in your dreams or will give the 3am

Zoet­i­ca Ebb write in Coil­house about anoth­er one of her favorite books
from child­hood. Town in a Snuff­box. Once again the art­work in a
Russ­ian chil­dren’s books astounds.

Ray-Mel Cor­nelius paints roost­ers (among oth­er things.) Every bit as
regal as the uni­formed pigeons.‑3.html

Lit­tle Red Rid­ing­hood as ani­mat­ed sta­tis­ti­cal illus­tra­tions. Or some
such. Just watch it. (And turn the vol­ume down if you’re in a cube.)