It’s a big list today. So many inter­est­ing things going on in the
world that beg to be logged.


Ger­man built H‑D side car rigs. Um, that’s weird.

There’s been lots of talk about the 747 tanker being used to fight the
fires in LA Coun­ty. Here’s a round up of links to pics, videos, and
oth­er stuff. (Also a cou­ple of the old­er fly­ing boat that is way
cool­er looking.)


Cul­ture (?)

News of the pur­chase of Mar­vel by Dis­ney has the comics crowd howling.
Most­ly in pain, but here’s a lit­tle of what’s lead­ing to laugh­ter in
the cheap seats.

Do you remem­ber the fam­i­ly tree of rock-n-roll that Jack Black drew
for his stu­dents in School of Rock? Here’s a sim­i­lar effort that
describes the evo­lu­tion of sci-fi themes on pop TV.

In case you need a refresh­er on the his­to­ry of rock, here’s a post
with a num­ber of genealo­gies includ­ing the famous blackboard.

eBooks and read­ers and copyright

iRiver’s US-bound read­er. Based on a Japan­ese mod­el with a built in
“comics mode.” Does this mean I can read graph­ic nov­els on it?

Google teams up with Interead to bring us cool­er­books and cool-er
read­ers. No one doubt­ed that Google meant to get into the sale of
copy­right books to go with it’s Google Books initiative.

Tucows, the unfor­tu­nate­ly named Cana­di­an ISP (and more) has provided
David Wein­berg­er with a chance to address the Cana­di­an copyright
con­sul­ta­tion. David W pro­vides a read­able refu­ta­tion to the”: strong
copy­right pro­vides an incen­tive to cre­ate, weak copy­right is a
dis-incentive” argument.

Ran­dom Things that Made Me Smile

Plushy microbes. There are sev­er­al sets avail­able but this one seems
the ide­al gift for some­one you don’t quite like.

Cook­ie dough and ice cream are both good. Cook­ie dough and ice cream
togeth­er are great. Cook­ie dough and ice cream togeth­er shaped like
gyoza are… incred­i­bly clever.

An exten­sive gallery of beau­ti­ful chick­en coops. Mine is look­ing quite
tawdry by comparison.



Masakat­su Sashie’s orbs are float­ing col­lec­tion of life and living
space. Japan­ese sur­re­al­ism well done.

A selec­tion from Saman­tha Zaza­’s large port­fo­lio. In this case, her
regal pigeons in uni­form. Yes, this is what pigeons see when they look
in the men­tal mirror.

If I had a win­ery I would want July Macu­d­a’s naive paint­ings for my
bot­tle labels.

Some­thing new. A video trail­er for a book, Scott West­er­feld’s latest
YA Leviathan. Visu­al­ly it’s much steam-punky good­ness. The voice over
is all wrong.