For those of you fol­low­ing the Iran protests:

pre­serv­ing the infrastructure.

basic wartime jour­nal­ism pro­to­cols explained for twit­ter users and
blog read­ers. (Orig­i­nal site has been slash-dotted, excerpt at

call for hack­ing Iran­ian gov­’t sites (eth­i­cal­ly ques­tion­able to flat
out wrong IMO) Tons of good links in the wired article.

Today’s Design Links:

Love­ly retro adver­tis­ing for Coca-Cola

Anoth­er drink relat­ed design. Per­fect for when the work­bench gets too
crowd­ed for your beer.

First link from the “real” world. La-z-boy goes green. (Dang that’s ugly)

Sec­ond link from the “real” world. Did GM kill the wrong mark?‑4/

Adven­ture, Curios­i­ty, Time Wast­ing, and maybe Educational:

Just launched by Dylan Thuras and Joshua Foer. Atlas Obscu­ra is a
won­der cab­i­net on the inter­net. User gen­er­at­ed con­tent that is worth
seeing.(Occasional serv­er slow-downs. Warn­ing colos­sal time sink.)

Dylan Thuras pre­vi­ous project, Curi­ous Expe­di­tions is equal­ly fascinating

Four for Tech-Geek crowd:

Carl Lin­naeus invent­ed the index card. It’s impor­tant, really.

Oba­ma is work­ing to fix Read ID but not the way it should be fixed.
(By trash­ing the idea altogether)

Experts call for Google to force use of https rather than http at all
times for it’s cloud apps. Oops, I nev­er remem­ber to force https when
I’m on-line at Starbucks.

Tablet net­book? I leave it to the net­book fans to dis­sect and debate.

Video Links:

Tom Brokaw from Comdex 1994. Weird — they don’t get much wrong.

I love post-it notes. I love stop-motion ani­ma­tion. Swoon.

Mak­ing of video as well.

I haven’t had time to watch all of this yet. But ‑OMG- all that
Bol­ly­wood good­ness in one place!

More on Thursday,