Morning Linkage (Jun 15)

Interesting Things Links:

More women who like being on the road, recre­at­ing an his­toric road
trip. It’s a bit slick but an inter­est­ing attempt.

New research on the math­e­mat­ics behind the “social web” and tagging:
(esp for info geeks)

A train­able advice engine.
Write up on what, why, and who here:

Play with it an let me know what you think.

Art and Design Links:

Lego art:

A lit­tle creepy, very dreamy:

Tech  and Gadget Links:

New faster SD cards for high resolution/high speed shoot­ing. (Probably
good for the new video cam­eras.) Not here in the US yet. I’ll put them
on the watch­list and let you all know when I see them.

The killer phone app Loyalty card hold­er. I have a key chain weighed
down with the damn things. Too bad it does­n’t real­ly work. (See

WTF Links:

There’s an expla­na­tion in the com­ments — just ignore it.

NB for the next cou­ple of months there will be morn­ing link­age Monday,
Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Wednesday a, if it hap­pens at all, will
be afternoons.

It’s nice to be back wast­ing y’al­l’s time.