Motocross­er with sad­dle bags? Real­ly con­fus­ing, and cool at the same time . Watch the video, but turn the sound waaay down first.

Because I love you all so very much and you should all be as hap­py as the com­muters in this 1958 Dis­ney vision of the future of trans­porta­tion. Really.



Ted­ders sent this one over. The back­lash against over parenting.

Mod­ern pira­cy is a busi­ness. Now with it’s own man­aged risk invest­ment pools.

Rinder­pest isn’t some­thing that has ever made the head­lines in the USA. A cat­tle dis­ease relat­ed to measles (weird huh?) kills wide­ly and quick­ly. Make that killed. Rinder­pest is set to become only the sec­ond dis­ease to be erad­i­cat­ed by human effort.



Cool clock and the kit/instructions for mak­ing same.  Tell time with the shad­ows cre­at­ed by a cen­ter pin and LEDs. Come on y’all, Christ­mas break is com­ing up and you know you need projects.

More cool. Salt and pep­per shak­ers that will not bore you or make any­one squeee.

Sto­ry cards. Low tech sto­ry telling. Calvi­no’s Cas­tle of Crossed Des­tinies for the 2+ crowd.


Art and Images.

Last week was Thanks­giv­ing and the Macy’s parade. Here are a cou­ple of quick sketch­es done the day before as the bal­loons were being prepped.

Will Einser, one of the great ones. Gold­en Age Com­ic Book Sto­ries brings a col­lec­tion of “splash” pages to the front line.



Wool­worth was nev­er real­ly cool. But they sure tried hard. The 1971 LP sale, as seen on TV.