Morning Linkage (Dec 2)


There’s a cou­ple too many tar­ty bits and he should have tak­en the pas­sen­ger pegs off, but this is my fav Bonneville treat­ment to date. There’s a good pic­ture, some info on the BellaCorse site (last entry), and a few more details scrounged up by MCN.

The ulti­mate in bike mount­ed cam­eras. This is how they get those close-up at-speed asphalt shots.

Tempest in a teapot or egre­gious theft of ideas? FIM now has it’s own elec­tric bike rac­ing series. Did they steal it from TTXGP?


Technology — Security

Who is respon­si­ble for the safe­ty of your cred­it card data as it trav­els through the labyrinth from card swipe to your month­ly bill? Several restau­rants that lost a bun­dle of cash due to the inad­e­quate secu­ri­ty of their POS sys­tem would like the sys­tem cre­ators to be held respon­si­ble for their blunders.

The tel­cos, Sprint in par­tic­u­lar, are mak­ing it triv­ial for LEOs to look up your loca­tion data as pro­vid­ed by your cell phone. No war­rant required, no over­sight pro­vid­ed. It’s start­ing to hit some of the blogs and the top­ic may take off lat­er this week. This is the orig­i­nal research by Christopher Soghoian.

Missing limbs are being replaced by increas­ing­ly sophis­ti­cat­ed pros­thet­ics. A look at the past, present, and future tech­nol­o­gy of arti­fi­cial limbs. I think the pic­tures are beau­ti­ful, your tol­er­ance for images of com­bin­ing of human and machine may differ.



The British Royal Society released full scans of 60 sem­i­nal sci­en­tif­ic papers. Including the 1671: “A Letter of Mr. Isaac Newton, Professor of the Mathematicks in the University of Cambridge; Containing His New Theory about Light and Colors” and Edward Bullard’s 1965 “The Fit of the Continents Around the Atlantic” which pro­vid­ed a cru­cial boost to the the­o­ry of plate tec­ton­ics. Wired Science dis­cussed these and oth­ers and pro­vides a link to the full set.


Art, Images, and Design

I will pay (in cook­ies) some­one to make me a good sized vec­tor ver­sion of the logo on this oth­er­wise hideous car.

These char­ac­ters and their ram­bling back sto­ry weird me out in a hap­py way.

These cheap chic graph­ics by Christine Celic for Mudslinger Coffee in Greenville NC are rockin’.

Yeah, I know you all hate twit­ter. But if you got­ta go there I sug­gest one of these clever avatars from Adam Korford. I’m torn between the Wild Things mon­ster and Linus with his blanket.

Turkish beer cans turned into fab sculp­tures includ­ing a moto.

Rusty robots. Detail shots and the place to buy.

Dracula cha-cha. I kid you not.

More tomor­row dearies.