scrolling direction matters

I final­ly fig­ured out what it is about the behav­ior of the new (vista) ver­sion of win­dows explor­er that is odd. 

When you look at the fold­er con­tents in the right side pane, if there are more fold­ers than will fit WE extends the list to the right (with a scroll bar on the bot­tom of the win­dow) rather than down (with the scroll bar on the right side.) 

scroll bar in windows explorer

This is counter to the way extra con­tent is han­dled in every oth­er part of the com­put­er uni­verse. Users expect to scroll down, not right.

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  1. This UI design deci­sion was made to help dri­ve sales of the yet-to-be-released Microsoft mouse with the sec­ond scroll wheel that turns horizontal. :)

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