Twitter, Voyeurs, and False Eyelashes

How many of the “social net­work­ing” tools are actu­al­ly just high tech tools for voyeurism. Have we become a nation (world/web) of peep­ing toms? Is voyeurism now a per­ver­sion that can be prac­ticed in many realms. We’re not just watch­ing one anoth­er have sex, we’re watch­ing one anoth­er dri­ve to work, and eat lunch, and get ready to club, and — Oooh shiny, a list of the odd things that we can watch peo­ple do on twitter.


Voyeurism and fan­ta­sy con­joined. We can’t actu­al­ly watch the girl put on her false eye­lash­es but we can imag­ine her.


There’s some­thing tru­ly strange going on here.