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TQR — Sharing Ownership of UX

In the May issue of UXMat­ters Pabi­ni Gabriel-Petit writes about how User Expe­ri­ence pro­fes­sion­als fit into the over­all prod­uct devel­op­ment team. (Shar­ing Own­er­ship of UX) He argues for a prod­uct team made up of three dis­ci­plines: Prod­uct man­age­ment, user expe­ri­ence, and engi­neer­ing, all hav­ing respon­si­bil­i­ty for dif­fer­ent aspects of the user expe­ri­ence. As he points out, user expe­ri­ence is often not accord­ed the same kind of respect (or resources) as prod­uct man­age­ment and engineering.

If your job is to advo­cate for the user expe­ri­ence in a less than sup­port­ive envi­ron­ment you will want to read this arti­cle for the sim­ple, clear argu­ments that Gabriel-Petit makes for the impor­tance of the role of user expe­ri­ence archi­tect and the val­ue he or she brings to the prod­uct cre­ation process. As well as the expla­na­tion of the respon­si­bilites of the oth­er dis­c­plines in cre­at­ing a good user expe­ri­ence for a product.

Some­times new words help the peo­ple who have heard it all before hear some­thing for the first time ;-)


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  1. jim

    cool! i’m going to pass this arti­cle around to my cow-orkers, some of them need real­ly bad­ly to read this :-) thanks.