OneNote as a GTD container

I’m pret­ty much a paper based GTDer; I just get along bet­ter with cel­lu­lose and ink. But for those of you who pre­fer to get things done elec­tron­i­cal­ly, over at Lifehacker, Gina has a nice arti­cle on the basics of set­ting up the var­i­ous parts of a GTD sys­tem in GoogleNotebook.

A sim­i­lar set­up can be cre­at­ed in a OneNote note­book using one sec­tion for each of the five basic cat­e­gories. The only hitch in this approach is that in OneNote you can’t share only one sec­tion of a Notebook. So you can’t give oth­er peo­ple access to your InBox with­out giv­ing them access to the rest of your notebook.

I don’t use OneNote for my Inbox so shar­ing isn’t an issue.

If your col­lec­tion of stuff is as big as my col­lec­tion you may want to divide your sys­tem into five note­books rather than using sec­tions in a sin­gle note­book. This solves the shared/not shared Inbox prob­lem and if you’re work­ing with real­ly large files over a net­work allows for some improve­ment in performance.