This morn­ing I read Dan Rus­sel­l’s series of essays on sense­mak­ing. Dan is a sort of meta/mega sense­mak­er. He tries to make sense of how peo­ple try to make sense of things. These essays won’t take you long to read and they aren’t hard to grasp.

But you may have on of those aha moments. I did; and now there is a new sign on my bul­letin board that says:

How to Make Sense:

  1. Define — what was the ques­tions again?
  2. Col­lect — who knows?
  3. Orga­nize — where does this go?
  4. Iter­ate — lath­er, rinse, repeat.
  5. Do — now what?

Now I know what it is that I actu­al­ly do all day. Explain­ing why I should get paid for it is anoth­er matter…