Daily Reading Habits

As I get busier I find that my dai­ly blog/news/web read­ing habits change. What used to be a leisure­ly hour or so now gets squeezed into 20 or 30 minutes. 

What falls out and what stays makes for a kind of embar­rass­ing list. I read the fun­nies. Nine Chickweed Lane, Hello Kitty Hell, ICHC, and xkcd. A some friends and fam­i­ly blogs where only a few folks post more than two or three times a month. A lit­tle news (most­ly boing-boing — shal­low of me, eh?) a lit­tle of the con­sumer tech/gadget scene. 

The infor­ma­tion archi­tec­ture, find­abil­i­ty, search, and inter­ac­tion design stuff falls off the screen. I end up scan­ning weeks worth at a time and blow­ing off most of it.

Oddly enough the one tech thing that I still read in depth is the mobile phone/device news. It fas­ci­nates me. It’s also com­plete­ly irrel­e­vant to any­thing I’m doing at the moment or am like­ly to be doing in the near future. Wonder why…