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Morning Linkage (Dec 17)


It start­ed with see­ing the pho­to of a team of rac­ers in front of a BA Air Fer­ry on one of the ran­dom bike pic blogs. And went on from there until I came to this full report on the 1967 Zand­voort Sprint. Pho­tos, videos, and lots of words.

Oh if only he had roughed up the front forks. Just a lit­tle. It would be a per­fect rat. Or near enough. XS650.

Ini­tial­ly mis­named but now cor­rect­ly iden­ti­fied. I just like that this Nor­ton looks so hap­py to sit­ting out there wait­ing it’s turn.


My world has just became a sig­nif­i­cant­ly bet­ter place. I now know that it has pale­o­mag­netists in it. Sci­en­tists who study the his­to­ry of the changes of the earth­’s mag­net­ic field. And now they’ve dis­cov­ered some unprece­dent­ed­ly rapid shifts that occurred about 3000 years ago. By study­ing the mag­net­ic sig­na­tures of heaps of slag left over from smelt­ing cop­per in the Mid­dle East.

Order breaks down into dis­or­der in a very order­ly way. Video demon­strat­ing an aspect of non-linear physics.

Art, Images, and Design

Old hard dri­ves. New toys. And then there are the pic­tures of the lit­tle guys tak­ing the machines apart. Joy.

A reminder that the Space Nee­dle was once new, and that graph­ic design in the ear­ly 60’s had some moments of brilliance.

Week­end DIY cam­era rigs for tak­ing high-speed, super close, mul­ti­ple expo­sures, or just look at the amaz­ing pictures. 

…he want­ed to cap­ture fly­ing insects, such as the hon­ey­bee above. “I have a prob­lem with killing them, plus they don’t fly when they’re dead,”

as well as but­ter­fly wing scales and mag­net­ic ferrofluids.


Team­Cer­f’s Meet Buck illus­trates the exis­ten­tial… um, shows fol­ly as… er, … it’s fun­ny, okay?

Morning Linkage (Oct 5)


The most won­der­ful vehi­cle in the world (accord­ing to sev­er­al of my friends) is the VW bus. In this case, the icon­ic split-window ver­sion with com­pa­ny logos and colors.

Nice visu­al wrap up to the Can­non­ball Endurance Ral­ly. (Vin­tage bikes)

Mov­ing a lit­tle faster. This video teach­es you “How to Lean on a BMW S1000RR” The lack of steer­ing head move­ment (except when pulling the clutch) is aston­ish­ing. (Video)


Righthaven, a name that you nev­er want to see on an enve­lope in today’s mail. The single-purpose copy­right enforce­ment law firm has final­ly offered up the per­fect (?) case for the EFF to test the lim­its of fair-use in the web.

Art, Images, and Design

All our stuff. In the 1990’s Peter Men­zel made a series of pho­tographs for a book about all our stuff. 30 fam­i­lies out­side their homes will all their pos­ses­sions around them. Mate­r­i­al World: A Glob­al Fam­i­ly Por­trait. (NPR gives 12 of the orig­i­nal 30 por­traits.) And now two Chi­nese pho­tog­ra­phers have repeat­ed the exer­cise for the diverse regions of China.

High Def isn’t just for TV. Hal­taDefinizione. HAL9000 uses new tech to pro­duce incred­i­bly detailed images of old pic­tures. Stun­ning. Read about the tech­nol­o­gy here. Look at the images here (in Ital­ian — just click on stuff you’ll be fine.)

A1One has been work­ing the streets of Tehran for quite a while now. This lim­it­ed edi­tion of prints com­bines tra­di­tion­al Per­sian cal­lig­ra­phy and his own sig style.  I also admire his recy­cling of used spray cans.

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