Morning Linkage (Feb 4) Friday

COncept Moto Guzzi, cafe rac­er from the ground up APrilla RSFV motor. The solar sail unfurls, and IBM helps us visu­al­ize the pow­er of 10. Glory and gory of rela­tion­ships on the walls of Philly, works on met­al, dou­ble expo­sures. The Holst sis­ters tap dance for us and a Japanese music video gets the week­end all start­ed up.

Morning Linkage (Dec 9)

Cutaway draw­ings, a Honda bob­ber, and the fab Brough Superior. Looking for a lake in the desert, stom­ato­pod strikes. remem­ber­ing Stevie Ray, look­ing at Russian chil­dren’s books illus­tra­tor Boris Kalaushin. and goofy pic­tures of kids.

Morning Linkage (Jun 14)

A cou­ple of bike (and car) swap meets, mov­ing traf­fic from China to Hong Kong, crime as ter­rain, A Castle on the Ocean, take a flight through Oz, Clark Little under­wa­ter, and yeah — I could­n’t resist, the Lego plotter/printer.