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Morning Linkage (Jan 12)


A Her­mann visu­al from one of the Jere­mi­ah books. Post-apocalyptic moto.

Hacky-sack wheels for a lit­tle moon rover. Too cute.

I should­n’t like this bike. I real­ly should­n’t but… all that elec­tric blue and sense­less pro­por­tions. Yippee. Hon­da 305 Dream.

To make up for that — from the same web­site, the very next entry is this love­ly bob­ber based on the Dan­ish mark Nim­bus.

Science (and Food and Advice)

Final­ly a GMO food that the food­ies can get behind. Engi­neer­ing bet­ter choco­late. Srl­sy.

Good advice at that.

Art, Images, and Design

Fun­ny? Sad? Clever? Visu­al puns of Brett Weber. The moon’s trou­ble with his gold­fish is both the fun­ni­est and the saddest.

I am com­plete­ly enam­ored of the idea of “dis­or­der­ing” the struc­ture of paper, using a tat­too gun.

These huge images cre­at­ed on lay­ered panes of glass are fas­ci­nat­ing but per­haps not in a friend­ly way. Xia Xiaowan draws with col­ored pen­cil on glass plates that are then lay­ered up in floor racks. The chang­ing per­spec­tive as you walk around the piece lends an even creepi­er aura to some already pret­ty dis­turb­ing pieces. (Pos­si­ble NSFW — grotesqueries.)


From PESThe Deep. Old tools under­sea life. Wait ’til you see the angler fish.

(Much more PES. )

Morning Linkage (Mar 1)


Nim­bus, a Dan­ish motor­cy­cle designed by a vac­u­um clean­er mogul. The
strap steel frame is unique and a lot pret­ti­er than you’d think.
Here’s a nice­ly restored exam­ple by Soren.

Chum­ming the waters. Two sets of num­bers com­par­ing the cur­rent batch
big dual-purpose tour­ers. Let the debates begin, erm con­tin­ue. One
orga­nized by bike, one orga­nized by fea­ture.

LED head­light trim has become an indi­ca­tor of cool on cars. Audi’s got
some cute ones that look like (under) eye­brows. Here’s the same look
on a bike. Sor­ry, I don’t believe they are actu­al­ly avail­able, yet.


Society and Culture

Could Wal-mart be the answer to reviv­ing local agri­cul­ture? Or is this
just anoth­er exam­ple of putting green spin on the cor­po­rate good? From
Atlantic mag­a­zine, a look into Wal-mart’s new Her­itage Agriculture

A new drink­ing game. Describe the list­ed spe­cials at Miss Knick­er’s
Gar­den of Delights
. Ink dipped quill? (SFW)


Art, Images, and Design

Fur­nish­ing for the very small house. Scroll down for two of the
coolest bunk bed designs ever.

Wood cut illus­tra­tions by a self-professed anar­chist illustrator.
Cool, calm, col­lect­ed feel­ing, espe­cial­ly the Guardian Poet­ry  series.
Click on Illus­tra­tions in the header.

Two pho­tographs of a young Russ­ian boy wear­ing radio head­phones. One
with his kit­ten. Wist­ful, haunt­ing. (SFW)

Jonathan Bartlett. Recent work is translu­cent water­col­or wash­es on
yel­low­ing paper. slight­ly off-kilter sur­re­al sto­ries. Be care­ful, the
CGU­nit web site can have vague­ly nsfw images in the side­bars. J.
Bartlett’s site is safe. (NSFW)

Black ink brush work and cal­lig­ra­phy on a ledger page. Paris coffee
house Le Select, book read­ing patron.

Dog’s love cars. Eager­ly wait­ing for a ride to the beach. Click for bigger.

Start­ing the week right