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Random Linkage (April 3)

Tal­ent­ed dancer, com­pos­er, and film-maker. Daniel  (cloud) Cam­pos. “Music Box’  about find­ing the per­fect apart­ment, the vid fea­tured at the moment will make you smile.

If you can bring your­self to watch “Rain Dodger” you’ll get a gig­gle but it may be too much for many con­sid­er­ing the ridicu­lous rain we’re hav­ing right now.

More envi­ron­men­tal sound. A giant xylo­phone cre­at­ed in the woods by Drill Inc. A slow rolling ball and a gen­tle incline pick out a famil­iar tune. Images from the shoot.

Robot hap­pi­ness. Well used, retro style toys by Cris Rose.
dirty faces and warm hearts

Extreme cam­era geek­i­ness, with the Girl DP. How to make very cus­tom bokeh fil­ters. hearts, stars, moons, and *words* in daz­zling fuzzy light.

making words with light

… do not read below this line …

And com­plete­ly, irre­deemably, unnec­es­sary: a My Lit­tle Pony/Dark Knight mashup. Worth­while com­ments on the dai­ly what.

you were warned.

Morning Linkage (Mar 31)


Oh sweet baby jee­bus. A 1970 Husky 400 Cross all fet­tled up and ready to go… to the 2010 Baja 500? Mucho gory details on the build-out build-up. (The rest of the site will send cer­tain men I know into nos­tal­gia comas for a week.)

KTM’s e‑bike.


Society and Culture

All pub­lish­ing eyes are on the iPad as the big boys of books wait to see how much fur­ther Apple can push eBook pen­e­tra­tion into the main­stream (of the tech­ni­cal elite.) Some of the self-publishing ser­vices are also prepar­ing for Apple book store publication.

Sec­ond in my heart only to car­i­ca­tures of Hel­lo kit­ty are mash-ups of My Lit­tle Pony. I bog­gle at the idea that some­one went to  the trou­ble to find 45 of these things. If you have a favorite pop cul­ture trope it’s here.  I’m dis­mayed that the crafts­man­ship dis­played on some of these has­n’t been put to bet­ter use.


Art, Images, and Design

The pic­ture of this spider/tractor hybrid have made the rounds and end­ed up on That Will Buff Out, but here’s what they did­n’t show you. The orig­i­nal CGI footage. Sweet.

Lob­by cards adver­tise the cur­rent and up-coming fea­ture films. They’ve been around for ages. And some of them are full of awe­some. Like this col­lec­tion of Mex­i­can film cards.

I hear you can buy your own on-line. Steve Wor­thing­ton calls out three eBay sources at the bot­tom of this post. No I am not going to admit to look­ing — or buy­ing. (The video is a scream — but NSFW)

This will take you more than a few min­utes to work through but Smash­ing mag­a­zine’s col­lec­tion of 50 images of India will def­i­nite­ly give you some­thing to day­dream about.