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Morning Linkage (May 7)


The Fri­day freaky find. This was spot­ted on eBay and now it lives on pipeburn and per­haps in some­one’s garage. Is it a Nor­ton? A Tri­umph? An ungod­ly mashup? Twin engine goofy­ness.

You know that I love the work of Wrench Mon­kees. So do a lot of oth­er folks and now we’re start­ing to see some very nice builds in the same grit­ty style.

Black and white image of an SS750 engine with­out the side case. This pic is big enough for net­book wall paper. Just sayin’

Society and Culture

Aban­doned places. A Sovi­et mis­sile defense instal­la­tion, even allow­ing for the degra­da­tion of aban­don­ment this must have been a grim place to live and work.

Art, Images, and Design

uhu­ru design in Brook­lyn has brought out a line of fur­ni­ture fea­tur­ing wood tak­en from the Coney Island board­walk. The lounger design is a swoopy delight.

A cou­ple of days ago I men­tioned Lean­dro Caste­lao in a post about rhi­nos. Here’s a look at some more of his work. Robots for T‑shirts.Click around for more goodness.

A sweet Jim Flo­ra illo done for the cov­er of Com­put­er Design some time in the 60s or 70s. Ear­ly geek art!


A dark world and a bright umbrel­la. A well done senior year project from CalArts by philip vose.

week­end ahead, off you go.

Morning Linkage (May 5)


If you sim­ply *must*have a Ducati… No, no, please don’t hit me. I only find them and bring them to you. I don’t actu­al­ly cre­ate them.

East­ern Europe is turn­ing out a lot of tal­ent­ed visu­al artists and a cou­ple of odd-ball bike cus­tomiz­ers. Every­one has seen Yuri Shif’s tri-color Mon­ster the DUster, but this bike, mys­te­ri­ous­ly named Gus­tav Skip­pone has an creepy charm all it’s own.

Three appar­ent­ly unre­lat­ed pic­tures. I want to make up a sto­ry that accounts for the rac­er, the ad, and Nor­ton. I’ll set­tle for a nice look into the past.

Science, Tech, and Gadgets

In the midst of this col­lec­tion of images from the Museo Vir­tu­al del Diseno Cre­ativ­i­ty (Spain) there is a pho­to­graph a a radio shack belong­ing to EA3DY. Lin­ing the walls are the QSL cards he col­lect­ed from his con­tacts. The cards are also repro­duced here. A bit odd in the mid­dle of a set of images devot­ed to com­mer­cial design in the 30’s but a fas­ci­nat­ing find.

Art, Images, and Design

Wicked, or sil­ly. I can’t decide. This skele­tal arm micro­phone hold­er may be just the thing for a rock­er in need of a mean­ing­ful mike stand. Nah, it’s just very cool.

Very nice met­al work on this clock by Dutch design­ers Niels van Eijk and Miri­an van der Lubbe. A reminder that we can choose to have

A col­lec­tion of pic­tures of rhi­nos that should­n’t be as won­der­ful as it is. I par­tic­u­lar­ly like the Lean­dro Caste­lao and the Ser­go Ruf­fo­lo — con­ve­nient­ly locat­ed next to each other .

…and there you have it, the week is half over.