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Morning Linkage (Feb 3) Thursday


I love this Ducati cafe for no bet­ter rea­son than the brass bezeled clock. le sigh

This one is hard to post. Copen­hagen has a live­ly cus­tom scene with some of my favorite builders. Many of them not­ed the cat­a­stroph­ic fire that result­ed in loss of Frank’s one of their HD go-to parts sup­pli­ers. James posts some pho­tos of the after­math. Sad, haunt­ing, beau­ti­ful pictures.

Art, Images, and Design

More for the qual­i­ty of the pho­to­graph of the first piece than the oth­er pieces in the series. String on a wall in Raven­na IT. By Moneyless.

Cat­woman. (SFW) Yum. Ben­gal’s ver­sion is both coy and dark. Excel­lent com­bi­na­tion. More of Ben­gal. (NSFW)

Okay — these are just cute. And a lit­tle sil­ly. They’re all exam­ples of cre­at­ing a purpose-built device for what is a com­mon house­hold impro­vi­sa­tion. Orange rinds on the radi­a­tor, a small dish of cof­fee in the fridge… but the designs are min­i­mal and straight forward.

Animation and Moving Images

Nick Cross’s Pig Farmer. Vio­lent and trag­ic. (Video 5:05 NSFW or Chil­dren — real­is­tic vio­lence and squealing)

Morning Linkage (Nov 18)


Jesse Dixon had a rotary wing take on the fly­ing car. In 1940.

Google may have its rov­ing all-seeing eye to give you a good look at each inter­sec­tion but Microsoft has a bet­ter idea for pro­duc­ing direc­tions. Ask a cab­bie.

Back­wards Porsche, mutant Prius, horned hel­mets, and ‘busa engine in a Nation­al Guard brand­ed three wheel­er.… Auto­topia picks its weird­est of SEMA.

Science and Technology

You’ve seen those pic­tures of the wind­mill farms locat­ed out at sea? Here’s the ship that builds them. Pics, video, and link to one of the crew’s flickr stream. Who said infra­struc­ture is boring?

Art, Images, and Design

Geom­e­try, geog­ra­phy, and celes­tial maps. Eye can­dy from the 17th century.

Kick Start Cal­i­co Bean Sal­ad. A recipe and a fab moto illustration.

Neigh­bor­hoods as swing sets, roller coast­ers, and jun­gle gyms. Amy Casey’s fab­u­lous hous­es.

Moving Images

Are play­er pianos the new clowns? Mark Tuck­er has freaked me out.

And just to share lit­tle more of the creepy that’s inhab­it­ing my brain this week, here’s Dirty Night Clowns… and that fun­ny, floaty way that mar­i­onettes move.  Mak­ing Of bonus material.

…off you go, there’s a week­end just ahead…