One man’s rules for a good life and the rea­son that he chose them. I don’t always agree with him on either the rules or the log­ic behind them. I thought a lot about this book as I read it and the gist of it is that there are good parts and bad parts. There are things said that I vio­lent­ly dis­agree with and oth­er things that I can get 100% behind. I found some things that had worth like his argu­ments for truth-telling and not tak­ing moments of grace for grant­ed when they cross your path even in the midst of great trou­bles. Oth­er things made me just about want to choke. Some peo­ple will throw the book right across the room based on his par­ent­ing advice or his views on the nec­es­sary util­i­ty of bina­ry gen­der notions. I made myself read the full thing in spite of those and it’s been a learn­ing expe­ri­ence to allow myself to fol­low along with the argu­ments to see where they end up even when I don’t agree with the premis­es and/or the conclusions.

(Pub. 2018)

* inter­est­ing for the expe­ri­ences I had while read­ing but not for the book itself *