Random Linkage (Sept 19)

Caren Alpert takes pho­tographs of food through a microscope.

Here for exam­ple is a pineap­ple leaf.

Caren Alpert's image of a pineapple leaf
pineap­ple leaf detail

Many more includ­ing sprin­kles, a spooky sun-dried toma­to, and choco­late cake.

via: fea­ture shoot



Belgian ads advis­ing you to “Take the Bus” done for the bus com­pa­ny De Lijn. Produced by Creative Conspiracy for the Duval Guillaume agency.



via: PaperWalker (which you should look at just for the head­er art)



Cheeky smile of the day: Mr. McQueen’s Licence Internationale de Conduire. Trials and Scrambles.

McQueen's Int'l License
would you trust this man with your motorcycle?


via: Gunslinger