Morning Linkage (Jan 25)


That plane car you ordered? It’s here.

A box­er will nev­er look quite right as a cafe rac­er to me. OTOH it’s a Bonneville record hold­er. BMW R75/5.

The TTXGP race from last year is gong to be the sub­ject of a doc­u­men­tary film. Here’s the trailer.


Technology (Cameras)

A sol­id resource for learn­ing about light­ing in pho­tog­ra­phy, most­ly using cam­era mount­ed (mount­able) flash units.

The next thing I want after I get a hold of that 50mm lens­es. A lens­es mount­ed light ring.



More sea crea­tures. The armored snail has a num­ber of tricks for thwart­ing attacks. Tricks that may make it into bat­tle armor and bike gear.


Art, Design,

…And sci­ence — these flash cards are a lit­tle much for a three year old, but an alpha­bet with an atom instead of an apple and bina­ry code instead of a ball appeals to the very best geeky bits of myself. it is good to be an auntie.

Happy stop motion ani­ma­tion star­ring fruit and can­dy and a cork screw from Oz — where it is sum­mer. Sound.

Scenic paint­ings from a Japanese artist. The tex­tures behind the water­col­ors add unusu­al depth. I espe­cial­ly like the third image from the top, of the girls watch­ing a trail of ants in the street. I can tell you noth­ing about the artist, the site is entire­ly in Japanese.

Zombie Fair — looks like some­thing that would appear on the the cov­er of the New Yorker mag­a­zine. Until you click on the lit­tle mag­ni­fy­ing glass, that is…

Warhol, before he became an inten­tion­al car­i­ca­ture of himself.

Happy Monday my freaky darlings,